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Hybride Auto

Hybride auto. Alle hybride auto's in een overzicht. De Toyota Prius, Honda Civic, Volkswagen BlueMotion of de Opel Ampera? Vergelijk en kies zelf!

Honda Jazz Hybrid - Voiture hybride: Essais, prix ...

Honda ne compte pas laisser l'exclusivité des véhicules hybrides à son concurrent national Toyota. Le constructeur continue donc à se battre sur les mêmes


First Impressions: Honda Jazz Sport Hybrid i-DCD

Advanced driving instructor Ivan Khong test drives the new Honda Jazz Hybrid with a special guest. Watch as Ivan takes the car on a scenic drive to discover the ...

FIRST DRIVE: Honda City and Jazz Sport Hybrid i-DCD - RM85k-RM89k

We drive the two most affordable hybrid vehicles in Malaysia, the Honda City and Jazz Sport Hybrid i-DCD. Are they worth the money (RM85k-RM89k), and are ...

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