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Koqa Beatbox (CH) | Montreux Jazz Festival

Machines on the tip of his tongue and stories on his lips. As others plug in their guitars to make hearts scream, the Swiss-french musician dances sounds ...

BEATBoX SAX -"Stand By Me"- Solo Sax and Voice (no ...

BEATBoX SAX -"Stand By Me"- Solo Sax and Voice (no overdubs) Beatbox Sax. ... TOP 5 SAXOPHONE COVERS on YOUTUBE #2 - Duration: 19:54.


Beatbox brilliance | Tom Thum | TEDxSydney

Never miss a talk! SUBSCRIBE to the TEDx channel: Tom Thum: Armed with just a microphone, Thum pushes the limits of the human voice ...

Jazz Flute Vs Beatbox Flute

thank you for watching this video please like and subscribe~! * (Big Marvel Youtube) : * (Big ...

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